Friday, 24 January 2014

Joss Whedon's ''Angel'' Soundtrack

A long time ago, I created the playlist Angel: Spotify Archive; my plan was to have both the Buffy and Angel soundtracks available to all the Buffyverse fans who were Spotify users. The first was completed, and was a large success, it continues to gain subscribers every week. The other, although similarly named, did not gain the attention it deserved. There are a few reasons for this.

Unlike the Buffy playlist which I had spent a great deal of time creating, I only got round to adding songs from Angel's first season. Coupled with a generic, if not somewhat vague, title like: Angel: Spotify Archive, it hasn't really attracted many people.

Its incompleteness has been gnawing away at me for three years! So, I did a playlist search, and, according to Spotify's search results (which may or may not be accurate..), there still isn't a Spotify archive of music from Joss Whedon's Angel. So I saw to making a few changes to the original playlist:

  1. The first sees the playlist being retitled to: Joss Whedon's "Angel" Soundtrack; in theory search keywords like these should draw Buffyverse fans to the playlist.
  2. And second, with the help of the Buffyverse wikia, I finally completed it. Sure there are a few gaps here and there (like the Buffy playlist), but it's more or less complete. 
    • What's interesting about the music featured on Angel is that there are a good many cover songs. These are often sung by the cast members themselves as many of the team often head to Lorne's karaoke. Unfortunately, these aren't on Spotify, but the originals are - so you can directly hear the tunes certain cast members have so famously butchered (looking at you David Boreanaz).

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Griffin, Buckner & Cleaves: covers, compilations and colabs

Patty Griffin, Richard Buckner and Slaid Cleaves are three singer-songwriters that are well respected in the alternative country scene. Often under acoustic accompaniments, all three supply a brand of poetics that strike deep and true into the hearts of the listener. From the rough whiskey-drenched sorrows of Buckner, and Griffin's tender ballads of yesteryear, to the woefully energetic tales told by Cleaves - all three paint darker, slightly more realistic portrayals of American life - portrayals that distinguish themselves from its source material of the country genre, yet nonetheless highlight its roots.

From time to time these artists' musical careers have collided. Both Buckner and Griffin, for example, have collaborated in the past. Together they contributed to the song 'Remember' from the movie 'Dream Boy' (unfortunately this is not available on Spotify). Further still, both provide outstanding tracks for the politically charged compilation '13 Ways to Live', of which both appear in this collection.

One thing Spotify is great for is hunting down one-off tracks from compilation albums, covers from tribute albums, and collaborations amongst other artists' work - tracks which may have gone unheard to a fan in times before music streaming services such as Spotify. What exists in this playlist is a collection of these three offshoots of a musician's career: the cover, the compilation one-off, and the colab.

Though I'm sure there may be disagreement in my three choices of whom I've placed upon the pedestal of "great alt-country artists"; this playlist provides listeners who may be familiar with the three artists' work, with a treasure trove of musical pieces that they may not have heard before. After all, it's all too easy to scan just the albums of a Spotify artist, without dabbling into the 'singles' and 'appears-on' sections. Often this is because siphoning through such sections can be unfulfilling, especially if tracks in compilations are on main releases.

The tracks that appear here are not, at least to my knowledge, featured anywhere else but upon the release.


Patty Griffin
The Cape - Patty Griffin
I Love - Patty Griffin
Cain - Patty Griffin
The Best is Yet to Come - Patty Griffin
Dear Old Friend - Patty Griffin
Waiting for My Child to Come Home - Mavis Staples (feat. Patty Griffin)
Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground - Willie Nelson (feat. Patty Griffin)
Misery and Happiness - John Cowan (feat. Patty Griffin)
Desdemona - The Alternate Routes (feat. Patty Griffin)
Changing Your Mind - Bob Schneider (feat. Patty Griffin)
I'm Right Here My Love - Scott Miller and the Commonwealth (feat. Patty Griffin)

Richard Buckner

Poor Old Tom - Richard Buckner
The Song of the Low - Richard Buckner
Dogwood - Richard Buckner
Lovin' Her was Easier - Richard Buckner
Do You Want to Go Somewhere? - Richard Buckner

Slaid Cleaves
Pickin' California - Slaid Cleaves
She Moved Through the Fair - Slaid Cleaves
The Streets of Laredo - Slaid Cleaves
Pretty Boy Floyd - Slaid Cleaves
Stepstone - Slaid Cleaves
For the Brave - Will Taylor & Strings Attached (feat. Slaid Cleaves)
The Ballad of Nick and Betty - Slaid Cleaves

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Surf rock ('Big Surf' & Spacesurf)

David Lynch's road movie 'Wild at Heart' was the initial inspiration for this playlist.

There's no surfing in the film, but the powerful surf-rock inspired ballad 'Wicked Game', that plays over the radio of a lonesome desert night-drive, fits the mood perfectly.

It propelled me to collect together several other contemporary instrumental surf-rock artists that I know of that fit a similar mood. Artists who weren't afraid of revitalising the surf sound; blending the well-known swathes of gurgling reverb with genres such as progressive metal, country, atmospheric ambient and electronica to expand the boundaries of surf-rock to that of the final frontier itself - space!

In some ways, it's music not for surfing waves, but for scaling sinister lonesome, deserted highways of America's Big Sky country - and, in that vein, I've titled it 'Big Surf'. In many ways it is similar to the uplifting drones and wails found in desert-rock artists such as Kyuss, but with that refreshing underwater sound of the surf.

Artists & albums:
The Mermen - The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show (N.B. Powerful atmospheres)
The Mermen - Krill Slippin
Gaylord - Resplendent Locution (N.B. Bit of Prog; relatively unknown)
Los Straitjackets -  Damas Y Caballeros... los straitjacket
Man or Astro-Man - Experiment Zero

Saturday, 6 October 2012

50/50 Motion Picture Soundtrack

Having recently seen 50/50, I was surprised to find out there was no soundtrack issued by the film company.

I did a search and found a rather comprehensive list by montelutz of the film's soundtrack and at what point each song is played. I did a quick ten minute search and found the majority of the songs on Spotify.

  1. Bricks or Coconuts – Jacuzzi Boys (Opening scene)
  2. High and Dry – Radiohead (Adam discovers he has cancer)
  3. New Country – The Walkmen (Hospital scene)
  4. To Love Somebody – Bee Gees (Eating weed cookies at chemotherapy)
  5. Work To Do - The Aggrolites (Adam shaving his head)
  6. Stay The Same – Autokratz (Song at the club)
  7. Soul Connection – The Diplomats of Solid Sound (Plays at the diner after the club)
  8. Too Late For Dancing – Shapes and Sizes (Adam having sex with the girl from diner)
  9. Days Gone Down (Still Got The Light In Your Eyes) – Gerry Rafferty (Song on the radio in the car with Adam and his therapist)
  10. Crying – Roy Orbison (Throwing things at ex-girlfriend’s painting)  
  11. The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack – Liars Inc (Anesthesia / going into surgery) 
  12. Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam (Therapist comes to Adam’s house for their date / end credits)

Currently not on spotify:
  • Midnight Blue – John Fumo (Coffee shop scene)
  • Simplicity – Harmony & Balance (Relaxation exercises with therapist)
  • Downtown Blues – Eric V. Hachikian (At home as mother calls)
  • Turn It Down – The Sideway Runners (Art-show party)
  • Angel (Rac Remix) – Mr. Little Jeans (Adam tells the clubber he has cancer)
  • Hunters – Eric V. Hachikian
  • Survival – Eric V Hachikian

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Playlist Catalogue

This post, which shall be updated accordingly from time to time, details my entire list of playlists.

Unfortunately, as of yet, Spotify doesn't allow other users to see one another's playlist folders, and for that reason my public listing isn't entirely alphabetical to the outside observer (a screencap to the right best illustrates this).

My playlists (with hyperlinks to Spotify) can be seen below; headings and subheadings represent the divides of my playlist folders.

From the view of the creator
 Genre playlists:

Ambient/chillout (3 Subscribers)
Alternative Rock (2 Subscribers)
Alternative Rock-Hop (1 subscriber)
  Country: Americana & Alt-Country (2 subscribers)
  Country: Morricone-Ambient/Psychedelic-country
Dark Ambient (2 subscribers)
Dream-Pop & Shoegaze (3 subscribers)
  Big beat
  Chiptune, 8bit (3 subscribers)
  Electronica, Electro-rock, Electro-house (1 subscriber)
  IDM, Glitch & Schizotronica (1 subscriber)
  Industrial, Aggrotech, EBM (1 subscriber) 
  Progressive House
  Fahrenheit Project (Ultimae Records) (2 subscribers)
  Psybient/Psychill (2 subscribers)
  Trance (2 subscribers)
  Techno (1 subscriber)
Emo (1 subscriber)
Electro (1 subscriber)
Female Singer-Songwriters (1 subscriber)
Folk/Low-fi (3 subscribers)
Funk/Disco/Afro-beat/Motown (2 subscribers)
Groove Metal (2 subscribers)
Grunge (2 subscribers)
Hip Hop:
  Alternative Hip-Hop (3 Subscribers)
  Golden Age Hip-Hop (4 subscribers)
  Doom Jazz (2 subscribers)
  Cool Jazz (4 subscribers)
  Latin Jazz/Bossa Nova
  J-Jazz, Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz (3 subscribers)
  Swing, Cool Jazz, Big Band & Jazz Vocal (5 subscribers)
  Jazz Fusion (4 subscribers)
Metal: Thrash, Death, Black Metal (2 subscribers)
New Age
Nu-Metal/Alternative Metal (1 subscriber)
  Classical (1 subscriber)
  Contemporary Classical (1 subscriber)
  Orchestral Soundscape (3 subscribers)
  Contemporary Piano (5 subscribers)
Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal (2 subscribers)
Pop-Punk & Ska Punk (3 subscribers)
Post-Rock & Post-metal (2 subscribers)
Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk (2 subscribers)
Reggae, Ska, 2-Tone, Neo-Swing (3 subscribers)
Road Music:
   Stoner metal/Desert Rock
   Surf rock ('Big Surf' & Spacesurf)
Soft Rock (1 subscriber)
Soul, Doo wop, Rnb, motown (4 subscribers)
Synthpop/New Wave (6 subscribers)
Trip-Hop (Vocal) (2 subscribers)
Trip-hop (Instrumental/Ambient) (2 subscribers)
  World: Celtic
  World: Chinese traditional (5 subscribers)
  World: Arabic
  World: Asian (1 subscriber)

Collected Discographies:

The Cure's Entire Discography (3 subscribers)
David Bowie Entire discography (3 subscribers)
Michael Jackson's Entire Discography (1 subscriber)
KISS' Entire Discography (1 subscriber)


Soundtrack misc. (2 subscribers)
50/50 Motion Picture Sountrack
Angel: Spotify Archive (1 subscriber)
The Big Lebowski soundtrack (6 subscribers)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spotify Archive (973 subscribers)
The Crow soundtrack & score
The Devil's Rejects Soundtrack (1 subscriber)
Disney (3 subscribers)
the living receiver: DONNIE DARKO Soundtrack (94 subscribers)
Driver: Parallel Lines Soundtrack (65 subscribers)
Fallout 3 soundtrack (3 subscribers)
GTA SA: Bounce Fm, Master Sounds 98.3, SF-UR (3 subscribers)
GTA Vice City: WAVE103 (3 subscribers)
Lords of Dogtown Music from the Motion Picture & 22 Other Tracks Featured In The Film (206 subscribers)
The Lost Boys soundtrack
Michael Jackson's: This Is It! (90 subscribers)
Oddworld OST collection
Pineapple Express Soundtrack (85 subscribers)
Pulp Fiction soundtrack (1995 subscribers)
Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (2 subscribers)
Stargate soundtrack (1 subscriber)
Stargate Universe (1 subscriber)
Tony Hawk's: Pro Soundtrack (825 subscribers)
True Blood Score (1 subscriber)
Vanilla Sky soundtrack
WipEout soundtrack (5 subscribers)
The Warriors Complete Soundtrack
Wuxia, the definitive Score (1 subscriber)

Unique/Special playlists:

Destruction Derby III
Dream Theater: Alcoholic Anonymous Suite (17 subscribers)
Griffin, Buckner & Cleaves: covers, compilations & colabs
Instrumental For The People (15 subscribers)
Sigur Ros songs that use ''Vonlenska''
Spyro the Dragon 'soundalikes'

Monday, 24 September 2012

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spotify Archive (Update 24/09/2012)

Season 1 & 2 update
Without further ado, here is the update for the 24/09/2012:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spotify Archive [Update]

It seems since the playlist's creation, quite a few new tracks have been added to Spotify's music catalogue.

Tracklistings are taken from the Music section of an episode listing on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Wikia. They were originally, and shall continue to be for the time-being.

For those interested, I also have an Angel playlist as well: Joss Whedon's "Angel" soundtrack.

Update includes tracks from Season 1 and Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Saturated - "Sprung Monkey"
Swirl - "Sprung Monkey"
Macho man - "Village People"Sprung Monkey - "Reluctant Man"
Far - "Job's Eyes"
Sophie Zelmani - "I'll Remember You"
Whitney Houston - "Greatest Love of All"
Orquesta y Coros del Teatro Nacional - "Madame Butterfly 'Bimba Dagli Occhi Pieni Di Malia' - Puccini"
Jonatha Brooke - "Inconsolable"
The Temptations - "My Girl"
Epperley - "Shy"
The Sisters of Mercy - "Never Land"
Creaming Jesus - "Reptile"
Alice Faye - "Goodnight My Love"
Lotion - "Blind for Now"
Average White Band - "Got the Love" 

Tracks still not featured on Spotify:

Dave Aragon - "No Heroes"
Losing Ground - "Mind Tribe"
Dashboard Prophets - "Wearing Me Down"
Dashboard Prophets - "Ballad for Dead Friends"
2 Unlimited - "Twilight Zone"
Superfine - "Already Met You"
3 Day Wheely - "Rotten Apple"
Rubber - "Junkie Girl"
Dashboard Prophets - "All You Want"
Sharon Bezaly & Terence Charlston - "Sonata in E-Flat Major for Flute and Harpsichord, BWV 1031: II. Siciliano"
Christophe Beck - "Resurrection"
Christophe Beck - "Sledgehammer"
Nickel - "1000 Nights"
Nickel - "Stupid Thing"
Four Star Mary - "Fate"
Four Star Mary - "Shadows"
Christophe Beck - "Ampata's Kiss"
Louie Says - "She"
Act of Faith - "Bring Me On"
Treble Charger - "How She Died"
Willoughby - "Lois on the Brink"
Four Star Mary - "Pain"
Naked - "Drift Away"
Splendid - "Charge"
Naked - "Mann's Chinese"
Nero's Rome - "If You'd Listen"

benxander's Blog for Spotify Playlists

I have recently been contacted by several Spotify and Facebook users regarding my quite popular Spotify playlist: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spotify Archive and as a result it has spurred me into creating a blog for both myself and users which will detail both my creating and editing of public playlists.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given in the form of the odd suggestion and largely in their parts in subscribing. Most of my playlists, which now have thousands of subscribers, were initially created solely for myself and my friends in Spotify's earlier days. Certain websites arose where people could share their playlists to wider audiences and I took advantage of Sharemyplaylists, which initially catapulted my earlier playlists into the public eye. However it was the gradual fine-tuning of Spotify's playlist system that attracted the figures I currently have. First came the ability to subscribe to playlists, and later to search for playlists, both of which made my playlists available to even larger audiences.

As a collector and one fond of archiving, I've always had a fascination with creating playlists, so you can imagine my frustration I felt when creating the Buffy playlist to find that many of the tracks were not available on Spotify. Time has gone on, and as Spotify's catalogue has grown exponentially. A time for updates has come!

There are a few reasons then as to why this blog has come about. Primarily it's to explain any updates which I make to my larger playlists, some of which I haven't edited in quite some time. Alongside this, the blog will serve as a platform to explain the thought processes behind some of my more unique playlists which I have created, in the form of small articles. Thirdly, due to Spotify's rather infantile messaging service, the blog will act as an intermediary between the users and myself - which will be available if users see fit to contact me.

I'd very much love to hear from subscribers and passing bloggers, so if any of you have any suggestions, queries, or compliments, please feel free to leave a comment. To quote the ethos of Spotify: ''music brings people together'' - so keep listening and sharing music-lovers.