Monday, 24 September 2012

benxander's Blog for Spotify Playlists

I have recently been contacted by several Spotify and Facebook users regarding my quite popular Spotify playlist: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spotify Archive and as a result it has spurred me into creating a blog for both myself and users which will detail both my creating and editing of public playlists.

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the support they have given in the form of the odd suggestion and largely in their parts in subscribing. Most of my playlists, which now have thousands of subscribers, were initially created solely for myself and my friends in Spotify's earlier days. Certain websites arose where people could share their playlists to wider audiences and I took advantage of Sharemyplaylists, which initially catapulted my earlier playlists into the public eye. However it was the gradual fine-tuning of Spotify's playlist system that attracted the figures I currently have. First came the ability to subscribe to playlists, and later to search for playlists, both of which made my playlists available to even larger audiences.

As a collector and one fond of archiving, I've always had a fascination with creating playlists, so you can imagine my frustration I felt when creating the Buffy playlist to find that many of the tracks were not available on Spotify. Time has gone on, and as Spotify's catalogue has grown exponentially. A time for updates has come!

There are a few reasons then as to why this blog has come about. Primarily it's to explain any updates which I make to my larger playlists, some of which I haven't edited in quite some time. Alongside this, the blog will serve as a platform to explain the thought processes behind some of my more unique playlists which I have created, in the form of small articles. Thirdly, due to Spotify's rather infantile messaging service, the blog will act as an intermediary between the users and myself - which will be available if users see fit to contact me.

I'd very much love to hear from subscribers and passing bloggers, so if any of you have any suggestions, queries, or compliments, please feel free to leave a comment. To quote the ethos of Spotify: ''music brings people together'' - so keep listening and sharing music-lovers.


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