Friday, 24 January 2014

Joss Whedon's ''Angel'' Soundtrack

A long time ago, I created the playlist Angel: Spotify Archive; my plan was to have both the Buffy and Angel soundtracks available to all the Buffyverse fans who were Spotify users. The first was completed, and was a large success, it continues to gain subscribers every week. The other, although similarly named, did not gain the attention it deserved. There are a few reasons for this.

Unlike the Buffy playlist which I had spent a great deal of time creating, I only got round to adding songs from Angel's first season. Coupled with a generic, if not somewhat vague, title like: Angel: Spotify Archive, it hasn't really attracted many people.

Its incompleteness has been gnawing away at me for three years! So, I did a playlist search, and, according to Spotify's search results (which may or may not be accurate..), there still isn't a Spotify archive of music from Joss Whedon's Angel. So I saw to making a few changes to the original playlist:

  1. The first sees the playlist being retitled to: Joss Whedon's "Angel" Soundtrack; in theory search keywords like these should draw Buffyverse fans to the playlist.
  2. And second, with the help of the Buffyverse wikia, I finally completed it. Sure there are a few gaps here and there (like the Buffy playlist), but it's more or less complete. 
    • What's interesting about the music featured on Angel is that there are a good many cover songs. These are often sung by the cast members themselves as many of the team often head to Lorne's karaoke. Unfortunately, these aren't on Spotify, but the originals are - so you can directly hear the tunes certain cast members have so famously butchered (looking at you David Boreanaz).

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